What is ESL?


KIS believe that all students should have equal access to the education that we provide in class. As an International School, students come from a range of different backgrounds and cultures and as such may require additional support in order for them to overcome the language barriers that may arise.


ESL provides a structured, needs based curriculum which focuses on reading, writing, listening, grammar, punctuation and speaking. Students are given five ESL lessons a week and work in small groups with students at a similar level.


Students in ESL are monitored constantly and every half term a report is provided to the parents outlining their progress.



Does your child need ESL?


During the initial interview at the school students are given a language assessment. Following the results of this assessment, if ESL is required, you will be contacted by the head of department and a meeting will be scheduled to provide more information. Because we are an International School providing the British National Curriculum ESL is compulsory for those who otherwise would not be able to access the work in class.



Contact Us


If you would like some more information about how we can help your child please feel free to contact our Head of Department, Mr. Wilson at alexanderwilson_kisp@kajonkietsuksa.ac.th