Welcome to Key Stage 1.

The Key Stage 1 area of our school includes Years 1 & 2. Our aim is to develop an inquisitive child that has a passion for learning. Our pupil-centred approach to teaching and learning enhances every child’s creativity, problem solving and communication skills, and provides children with the necessary knowledge to be responsible citizens and leaders in tomorrow’s International community. In Key Stage 1 we provide a stimulating, happy and relaxed learning environment where we encourage our children to develop a love for academic, sporting and creative subject areas.

English, Maths and Science are taught by our experienced and enthusiastic teachers who encourage our children to be inquisitive and to be active in their learning process. We also provide History, Geography, Art, Design Technology, Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE), ICT, Music, Drama, Swimming, PE, Chinese Mandarin and Thai Language within our curriculum.  Teachers plan around themes to reflect the interests of the children in each class. A balance is provided between creative and physical activities, ensuring that the curriculum develops the whole child. We also read independently with all children at least 3 times a week and encourage them to visit our school library at least once a week. As a school we believe that learning outside the classroom is an essential part of a child’s learning and development and we support this by giving children Child Initiated Play time, going on field trips and participating in whole school events and activities wherever possible. We place emphasis on building self-esteem and so the children are rewarded and praised for their efforts and hard work through Golden Time and our House Points system.

We are committed to encouraging every child to take responsibility for their own learning and actions, preparing them for Key Stage 2. Please feel free to visit us at school and see for yourself the experiences that the children encounter in Key Stage 1 here at KIS.

Mr. Rucus Malan

Key Stage 1 Phase Leader.

Welcome to Primary Key Stage 2.

Welcome to Key Stage 2 (Years 3-6)

Hello, my name is Suzanne Carter and I am the Phase Leader for Key Stage 2. I have been at KIS since we opened our doors to international students in 2011. I find teaching extremely rewarding; everyday is different and new challenges arise regularly which keeps me on my toes, I am always having to learn something new. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to KIS.

At Kajonkiet International School we strive to provide an active learning environment. We encourage and nurture children to follow their interests and open new avenues for them to explore. We aim to give children the confidence and self esteem needed to make them strong minded individuals and leaders, which will take them beyond Primary.

 The transition between Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 (Secondary) can be a challenging time for children that is why at KIS we provide a thoroughly supported transitional period that allows the children and parents time to prepare for the changes to come. We regularly hold whole school events which help bridge the gap and bring everyone together.

 Our International Teaching team are keen to offer their knowledge and experience to the children through our diverse curriculum that is carefully planned around key themes designed to be interesting and engaging. With varied teaching aids we aim to give a hands on approach to learning, encouraging children to work together to realise the benefits of collaboration.

 For further information or for the opportunity to visit Primary please don’t hesitate to contact our main office to book an appointment.

Mrs. Suzanne Carter

Key Stage 2 Phase Leader