At KIS, secondary children will be taught a wide range of subjects following the National Curriculum of England. Subjects include; English, Mathematics, Science, Art & Design, Citizenship, Computing, Design & Technology, Geography, History, Modern Foreign Languages, Music, Physical Education, PSHEE (personal, social, health and economic education) and RE (religious education).


At KIS, music is combined with elements of drama and taught as ‘Performing Arts’. Art & Design and Design & Technology have also been integrated into one subject to allow for more effective teaching of the practical element in these subjects. PSHEE is taught by form tutors during form time, assemblies and one scheduled lesson each week. It includes the statutory requirements for teaching of citizenship, RE and sex and relationships education. Parents may choose to withdraw their child from RE and sex and relationships education at any time. Please inform the school in advance if you wish to do so.


Functional skills in literacy, numeracy and ICT are integrated into all subject areas along with personal, learning and thinking skills. These help to ensure that children are successful learners who develop into confident individuals and responsible citizens with the independence and skills to be successful in a variety of future roles and careers anywhere in the world.


At KIS we understand the importance of a Thai cultural identity. We want our pupils to be culturally aware and able to thrive if they choose to remain within Asia or move further away in the future. KIS pupils will therefore be provided with Thai language & culture, taught by an experienced and qualified Thai teacher. In Key Stage 3, our chosen Modern Foreign Language is Mandarin Chinese.


Key Stages 4, offering IGCSE and A-level, which will allow our pupils to enter Universities in most countries, including those of the EU, USA and Canada.



For more details of what is taught within each subject please ask for further information from the school reception or to view the National Curriculum of England go to: