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Kajonkiet International School is dedicated to meeting the needs of all students so that they are able to access education in an inclusive and nurturing environment. At KIS we understand that every child has their own unique learning style and it is our job as educators to adapt and suit the personalities of all our students.

Our small class sizes and excellent student to staff ratio ensures that all students receive ample support and those students with additional needs are cared for with appropriate intervention.

The SEN department at KIS focuses on three components during SEN provision and intervention; student care, parent involvement and staff support, all of which are equally important to the success of our students. At KIS we will endeavour to provide support and services for any student who has special educational needs. We host 1:1 or small group sessions that focus on particular areas of need, as well as in-class support to assist students in accessing learning within their classroom.

The Special Educational Needs Coordinator will aid collaboration between teachers, parents and guardians, other professionals and our students in order to achieve the best possible educational progression for all.

If you have any questions regarding SEN at KIS please contact our SENCo, Miss Laura Sage by email;   laura_kisp@kajonkietsuksa.ac.th